Everyday: 10am-9pm
Holidays:​ 4th of July: OPEN 10am-5pm

Thanksgiving: CLOSED ALL DAY

​Christmas: CLOSED ALL DAY

Hours also my vary due to weather and other circumstances.




Somosa Chaat- $6   

Veg somosas served with chickpea curry, mint and tamarind sauce, yogurt sauce, tomato, onion, and cilantro

Dahi Chaat- $6

​Fried fritters loaded with dahi (Indian yogurt), cilantro, tomato, onion, mint, and tamarind sauce

Bhel Puri- $6

​Puffed rice tossed around with sev (chickpea flour bits), tomoto, onion, mint sauce, tamarind sauce, topped off with cilantro, and sev.

​Tikki Chaat- $6

​Fried disks served with chickpea curry, yogurt, mint sauce, tamarind sauce, tomato, onion, and cilantro

​Vada Pav- $6

​Indian veggie burger with spiced potato patty

​Vegetarian Delights - $6 choice of 2   $7 choice of 3​

Curries served with rice

Mixed Platter- $7

​Variety of all mixed appetizers

Panner Pakoda- $7

​Indian Cheese filled with spiced sauce deep fried in a chickpea batter